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Forget My Name by J.S. Monroe

Forget My Name by J.S. Monroe


'Full of unpredictable twists' The Times. She is outside your front door. She got on the train after a difficult week at work.

Her bag had been stolen, and with it, her identity. Her whole life was in there - passport, wallet, house key. When she tried to report the theft, her mind went blank.

She couldn't even remember her name. She says she lives in your house. Now she's outside Tony and Laura's front door.

She is certain she lives in their home. But they have never met her before. Would you let her in? 'Gripping, pointing you toward the worst possibility on every page in this deeply sinister, drip-drip kind of way ...

This is an intricate story that will stay with you' Caroline Kepnes, author of You, on Find Me. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT FORGET MY NAME: 'My attention was well and truly hooked ... As the secrets (yes there are secrets) unfolded on the pages before me, I was stumped as to where the author was taking me!' 'A brilliant psychological thriller that grabs you from the first chapter and never lets go' 'Twists and turns all the way through.

Loved it' 'Delivers surprise after surprise along with edge-of-the-seat tension' 'The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing and the ending did not disappoint!' WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT J.S. MONROE: 'J.S. Monroe has woven an absorbing novel full of unpredictable twists, topped by a savage climax' THE TIMES.

'Intricately woven and heart-stoppingly believable, this has bestseller written all over it' CLARE MACKINTOSH. 'The most ingenious thriller you will read this year' M.J. ARLIDGE.

'Cunning, captivating and creepy' J.P. DELANEY. 'A tightly coiled and crafted plot' DAILY MAIL.

'Gripping and deeply sinister' CAROLINE KEPNES. 'An intricate puzzle of a thriller' LUCIE WHITEHOUSE.

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