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On Violence and on Violence Against Women

On Violence and on Violence Against Women

A blazingly insightful, provocative study of violence against women from the peerless feminist critic. 'To read Rose is to understand that there is no border between us and the world; it is an invitation to a radical kind of responsibility.'NEW YORK TIMES'It's really hard for me to overestimate how important [Rose's] work has been for me . .

. I don't feel like that about very many writers.'MAGGIE NELSON, GRAND JOURNAL'An immense achievement.' JUDE KELLY CBE'Timeless.' HELEN PANKHURST CBE'Explodes the myth that violence and misogyny only happens to other women.' VAL McDERMIDWhy has violence - particularly against women - become exponentially more prominent and visible across the world?Tracking multiple forms of today's violence - ranging through trans rights and #MeToo; the suffragette movement and the sexual harassment faced by migrant women; and the sharp increase in domestic violence over the course of the pandemic - this blazing exploration is an agitation against injustice and a formidable call to action from a world-renowned feminist thinker. 'This book confirms Jacqueline Rose's position as one of the world's foremost public intellectuals.'MARK GEVISSER, author of The Pink Line'Ambitious, sobering .

. . hugely important.'LAUREN ELKIN'These provocative essays probe assumptions that both fuel and mask violence in Western culture.'NEW YORKER'A daring thinker, willing to make bold statements and take imaginative leaps.'NEW STATESMAN'Surprising and original .

. . [Rose's] real power, what makes her necessary as well as unique, may be how she teaches readers to ask probing questions on their own.'NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS'For anyone looking to educate themselves on this essential subject, start here and now.'ESQUIRE'A formidable intellectual .

. . this is not a wimpy and apolitical retreat into an ivory tower, but the deepest possible engagement with being human.'WOMEN'S REVIEW OF BOOKS
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