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One Small Voice by Santanu Bhattacharya

One Small Voice by Santanu Bhattacharya

SKU: 9780241996393

'A joy to read, a full universe of feeling, an effortless page-turner by a born storyteller. One Small Voice is the great contemporary middle class Indian novel, showing us ordinary people knocked about by the specific sociopolitical currents of turn-of-the-century India, but also wrestling with universal challenges of family, ambition, friendship and shame' Max Porter, author of The Death of Francis Bacon____________________________________________India, 1992. The country is ablaze with riots.In Lucknow, ten-year-old Shubhankar witnesses a terrible act of mob violence in which his family are complicit: an act that will alter the course of his life. In the two decades that follow, Shabby must wrestle with the ghosts of his past, the expectations of his family, and the seismic shifts taking place around him as the country enters the new millennium. As an adult in Mumbai, he encounters Syed and Shruti, who, like him, are seeking the freedom to rewrite their stories while navigating the contradictions of modern India.As the rising tide of nationalism sweeps across the country, their friendship becomes a rock they all cling to. Until one day, Shabby makes a split-second decision that will change everything... Dazzling and deeply moving, One Small Voice is a novel of modern India: of violence and prejudice, friendship and loyalty, community and tradition, and of a young man coming of age in a country on fire.

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