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Skin by E.M. Reapy

Skin by E.M. Reapy


Would you travel the world to feel at home in your skin? Natalie is uncomfortable in herself. Her most recent relationship is long since over, and she is disillusioned with her career as a teacher. So she packs her bags and goes travelling in hope of finding a place for herself in the world.

But her isolation abroad only heightens her sense of unease. Obsessed with how others perceive her, she recoils from relationships and eats - compulsively and self-destructively, to silence the anxious voice in her head that never seems satisfied. Skin engages powerfully with issues of self and belonging via an incredibly beguiling protagonist - intelligent and self-aware, sharp and acute.

'Engrossing ... Unvarnished, wry and almost wincingly clear-eyed, the narrative covers acres of emotional terrain - from comedy, to tragedy, and the churned-up borderlands in between' Daily Mail.

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