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Soft Lad by Nick Grimshaw

Soft Lad by Nick Grimshaw

SKU: 9781399703307

'Hilarious and quintessentially Nick. Unapologetically himself always, and that's what I love the most' DUA LIPA'Very funny, very sweet and full of charm -- a bit like the man himself' GRAHAM NORTONSoft Lad is not my autobiography. It's not a spicy tell-all on the perils of being mildly famous and the thrill of talking absolute breeze on the radio for 14 years.

It's a collection of stories: stories on life, loves, death, fears, obsessions, nights out, growing up and making dreams come true. But the best thing is (*spoiler alert*) . .

they are all stories about ME, in one way or another. Soft Lad isn't chronological like a traditional memoir, starting at birth and ending with death - I'm still (at the point of writing) very much alive. I wanted to write something that had snapshots of the formative moments of my life up to now, with coming-of-age tales that capture a moment or a feeling.

Some, I hope will make you laugh, and some, are emotional AF, so I'm afraid these might make you cry... They're all honest, unfiltered and I'm proud to be sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy them.

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