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Strong Female Character by Fern Brady

Strong Female Character by Fern Brady

SKU: 9781914240478

A summary of my book:


1. I'm diagnosed with autism 20 years after telling a doctor I had it.

2. My terrible Catholic childhood: I hate my parents etc.


3. My friendship with an elderly man who runs the corner shop and is definitely not trying to groom me. I get groomed.


4. Homelessness.


5. Stripping.

6. More stripping but with more nervous breakdowns.


7. I hate everyone at uni and live with a psycho etc.


8. REDACTED as too spicy.

9. After everyone tells me I don't look autistic, I try to cure my autism and get addicted to Xanax.


10. REDACTED as too embarrassing.


'Fern's book, like everything she does, is awesome. Incredibly funny, and so unapologetically frank that I feel genuinely sorry for her lawyers.' - PHIL WANG


'Of course it's funny - it's Fern Brady - but this book is also deeply moving and eye-opening'- ADAM KAY


'It made me laugh out loud and broke my heart and made me weep...I hope absolutely everyone reads this, and it makes them kinder and more curious about the way we all live' - DAISY BUCHANAN


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