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Style and Substance by Bay Garnett

Style and Substance by Bay Garnett

SKU: 9781399812443

Maya Angelou imagined she'd feel like a movie star in a dress of lavender taffeta. Rachel Weisz loves the democracy of denim. Zadie Smith's look differs depending on whether she's in New York or London, while Joan Didion always packed the same clothes.

Jarvis Cocker found inspiration at jumble sales, Bella Freud in Colette's novels and Harris Reed in the gender fluidity of Virginia Woolf's Orlando. Oscar Wilde understood the importance of proportions, Stanley Tucci favours a narrow stripe and Chloe Sevigny delights in traditional, with a twist. For Bernardine Evaristo style is about a refusal to be stereotyped.

Jilly Cooper and AJ Tracey appreciate retail therapy. Sienna Miller misses the freedom of a less self-conscious age. For Davina McCall, an outfit begins with underwear; for Sophie Dahl it's not complete without scent.

Clothes allow Susie Cave to hide and Charlotte Tilbury to feel empowered. With over sixty pieces on everything from thrifting to modesty dressing, drag to vintage sportswear, Style and Substance is a gloriously eclectic celebration of self-expression.

Published 9th November 2023
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