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Talking At Night by Claire Daverley

Talking At Night by Claire Daverley

SKU: 9781405953849

'Talking at Night is a love story, certainly, but it's much more than that. I was rapt. I highly recommend this wonderful novel' ANN NAPOLITANO, author of HELLO BEAUTIFUL and DEAR EDWARD

'Evocative, intoxicating and basically impossible to put down.

Like Normal People, it's a love story which feels so achingly real that you miss the characters when you stop reading' BOBBY PALMER, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ISAAC AND THE EGG

'Deeply romantic. Reminded me of just how all-consuming first love can be' LAURA BARNETT, AUTHOR OF #1 BESTSELLER THE VERSIONS OF US

Will and Rosie meet as teenagers. They're opposites in every way.

She overthinks everything; he is her twin brother's wild and unpredictable friend. But over secret walks home and late-night phone calls, they become closer - destined to be one another's great love story. Until, one day, tragedy strikes, and their future together is shattered.

But as the years roll on, Will and Rosie can't help but find their way back to each other. Time and again, they come close to rekindling what might have been. What do you do when the one person you should forget is the one you just can't let go? 'Spellbinding, beautiful, lyrical and tender...a dazzling debut. I loved every word and was left longing for more' ROSIE WALSH, AUTHOR OF THE MAN WHO DIDN'T CALL'The story of Will and Rosie is a classic love story in every sense, and yet, in Claire Daverley's hands, it felt entirely new' MARY BETH KEANE, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ASK AGAIN, YES

'Entirely beautiful, bruising and hopeful. Claire Daverley has created a perfect thing. Talking at Night takes its place amongst my all time no favourites' CHRIS WHITAKER

'Writing that is laced with the quiet devastation of Sally Rooney.

Utterly spellbinding' JULIE OWEN MOYLAN

'A classic will-they-won't-they in the vein of David Nicholls, this novel is impossible to put down' CONSTANZA CASATI, AUTHOR OF CLYTEMNESTRA

'This exquisitely woven tale . . . Captures readers right from its opening passages. Fans of Sally Rooney's Normal People will absolutely adore this tender, utterly charming and heart-wrenching tale' THE SCOTS MAGAZINE'Clever, beautiful and romantic. An absolute gem' RACHEL MARKS, AUTHOR OF HELLO, STRANGER

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