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The House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper

The House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper


'Beautiful, moving, captivating... A brilliant sequel to The Wolf Den' Jennifer Saint Freed from Pompeii's brothel. Owned as a courtesan.

Determined to have revenge. Her name is Amara. What will she risk for power?Amara has escaped her life as a slave in Pompeii's most notorious brothel.

She now has a house, fine clothes, servants - but all of these are gifts from her patron, hers for as long as she keeps her place in his affections. As she adjusts to this new life, Amara is still haunted by her past. At night she dreams of the wolf den, and the women she left behind.

By day, she is pursued by her former slavemaster. In order to be truly free, she will need to be as ruthless as he is. Amara knows she can draw strength from Venus, the goddess of love.

Yet falling in love herself may prove to be her downfall. The House with the Golden Door is the stunning second novel in Elodie Harper's celebrated Wolf Den Trilogy, which reimagines the lives of women who have long been overlooked. 'Vivid, unsentimental and compelling' The Times 'Gripping, and richly imagined, this is spellbinding storytelling' Louise O'Neill 'A spell-binding novel that brings Pompeii back to life and explores enslavement in all its forms' Anna Mazzola 'Absolutely stunning and utterly gripping!' Buki Papillon


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