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The Tidal Year by Freya Bromley

The Tidal Year by Freya Bromley

SKU: 9781399709705

Take a plunge into this tender exploration of grief, rage, love, loss and sisterhood in the modern age. 'Immersive and compelling. I read it in a single day! Everyone should take a plunge into this book.' CATHY RENTZENBRINK'Funny, sad and honest, but ultimately also hopeful, The Tidal Year is a wonderful and welcome addition to the growing canon of books exploring the restorative power of wild swimming.' SOPHIE PIERCE'Reads like a lusciously languid dream sequence...

It's not just about how water can redeem us but how words can too. A powerful debut.' CHRISTOPHER BEANLAND'Funny and moving, brimming with bracingly refreshing uncertainty and a salty refusal of resolution, it is a book to float away in.' POLLY ATKIN 'A heart-rending depiction of a young woman growing through grief and the healing, restorative power of nature.' NICK BRADLEY 'Bright and tender-hearted... candid and vulnerable.' JESSICA J.

LEE'A moving and memorable book... Her writing is contained, clear and as powerful as the changing tides she swims in. She is a talent to watch.' RAFFAELLA BARKER'Astonishing in its frankness, raw, poignant, bracing, funny; a very human story.' DEREK NIEMANN, Guardian country diaristFreya is still searching.

For four years, she's been looking for a way to fill the empty space her brother's death left behind. Ready for another distraction, Freya decides to swim every tidal pool in Britain in a year with her friend Miri. The adventure takes them from a pool hidden in the cliffs of fishing-village Polperro to the quarry lagoon of Abereiddi via Trinkie Wick where locals meet each year to give the pool wall a fresh lick of paint.

As Freya travels further from London, she finds herself closer to memories of her brother. With every swim, and every stranger they meet in the water, the challenge becomes more than just a way to explore the coast, but a journey of self-discovery. The Tidal Year is a true story about the healing power of wild swimming and the space it creates for reflection, rewilding, and hope.

An exploration of grief in the modern age, it's also a tale of loss, love, female rage and sisterhood.

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