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These Impossible Things by Salma El-Wardany

These Impossible Things by Salma El-Wardany

SKU: 9781398705777

'Salma El-Wardany deftly reveals searing and poignant truths about the female experience' ASHLEY AUDRAIN'A beautifully written, thought-provoking book from a talented & feminist author' DEBORAH FRANCES-WHITE'This novel captures the fierceness of female friendship better than anything I've ever read' BETH O'LEARY'They recognized that they were all existing in a perfect moment, and eventually it would have to end. Other times it felt like it would always be this way. These Impossible Things charts the dreams and disappointments of a group of British Muslim women; Jenna, Kees and Malak.

They have been friends for years: the three of them together against the world. Yet one night changes everything between them and they are left adrift, marooned from each other as their lives take different paths. Without the support of each other, nothing seems to go quite right and in the wake of heartbreaks, marriages, new careers and new beginnings, they need each other more than ever.

Will they be able to forgive each other in time?These Impossible Things tells the story of three women coming to terms with the choices we make, of reconciling love, loss, faith, womanhood and friendship, and how one moment, in a life where everything feels at odds, can change everything. 'I know it will resonate and make so many women feel seen' POORNA BELL'A bracing, tender exploration of friendship, family and faith and their gaping complications. Irresistible' YRSA DALEY-WARDREADERS ARE OBSESSED WITH THESE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS'One of my favorite books of the year thus far.' ***** Reader review'What a debut.

I inhaled this' *****'If you're looking for a book that will give you all the feels, look no further! This book will make you laugh. It will make you ugly cry. It will make you cherish your friendships and found family' *****'Absolutely stunning, and a must read!' *****

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