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Thirty Things I Love About Myself by Radhika Sanghani

Thirty Things I Love About Myself by Radhika Sanghani


'Funny and charming' PANDORA SYKES'Just brilliant!' NIMCO ALI'So good!' JANE FALLON'I absolutely love this book' EMMA GANNON'A treat!' LAUREN BRAVO'Heart-warming, affirming' MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE When Nina Mistry hits rock bottom - because no one plans to turn thirty in a prison cell - a tatty little self-help book finds its way into her hands. She doesn't think she needs it; why would a strong, sensible Taurus like her go on a 'life-changing journey' to fix herself? But her inner journalist is curious. Within minutes, she's hooked.

By the time the sun comes up, she knows exactly what she needs to do . . .

'This book will change your life . . .

if you're brave enough to let it.' This will not be a journey for the faint-hearted, but whatever else Nina has messed up in her life, she's never been afraid of a challenge. '30 bold steps. One year.' Her mother is - as always - appalled.

Her brother is too depressed to care. The love of her life? He's already moved on. And her friends .

. . well, that's another story.

But Nina has Nina. And she's about to find out if that's enough. 'It's time for a brand new kind of love story.

Are you ready?'THIRTY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF is a gloriously uplifting novel for anyone who has ever had a self-worth wobble, or is watching someone they love struggle; it is for any woman who has ever failed and got herself right back up again, or whose life is veering a little off track!We think it's the book your best friend would recommend you start reading right now. And it might well make you radically rethink everything you know about love . .

. This is what early readers of #30Things have to say:'I absolutely fell in love' 'I love the freshness of Radhika's voice and of course I LOVE NINA' 'Warm, witty and wise' 'Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny' 'What a wonderful novel' 'Such a positive message, for women of all ages!' 'It had me at the dedication! A lesson for me, and for every woman I know and love!' 'I needed this book!' 'It's raw, honest and achingly funny' 'Relatable, universal and entirely unique' 'The self-care message resonated very powerfully with me' 'Funny, clever and inviting. .

. pulls you in then refuses to let you go' 'Impossible to put down' 'It feels really fresh and so right for now' 'I couldn't stop thinking about Nina!'*** SET YOURSELF UP FOR AN IRRESISTIBLE TREAT THIS JANUARY - PRE-ORDER NOW!***

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