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We Swim to the Shark by Georgie Codd

We Swim to the Shark by Georgie Codd


Georgie Codd is scared of fish. Really, really scared. She has spent her life beside the water, but won't so much as paddle in it.

Even on dry land there's no escape: Georgie sees sharks in the dining room, squid tentacles in the street, has nightmares of being stranded at sea. She decides that the answer to overcoming this fear lies in travelling to Thailand, learning to dive and swimming with the biggest fish in the world: the massive, mighty whale shark. Could this immersive therapy actually work? There's only one way to find out.

Georgie quits her job, leaves her life behind and plunges into a realm of strange creatures, hidden depths and intrepid diving adventurers. But as her quest expands across the oceans, her shark remains elusive and everything else starts to fall apart around her. For readers of The Outrun and The Salt Path, We Swim to the Shark is a meditation on diving, grief and what it takes to face our greatest fears.

What readers are saying about We Swim to the Shark: 'Part travelogue, part odyssey and completely engaging. A must read' 'This book is so easy to devour . .

. Plus it's full of fascinating facts about fish and how we can save our oceans' 'Adventurous, insightful, informative and entertaining'

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