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Welcome to BookBar!

BookBar is a bookshop, wine bar, events and social space centred around celebrating the social side of reading.


At BookBar, we believe there is nothing better than sharing a good book. The joy of unravelling the characters and plot points with a friend over a glass of wine or coffee, hearing inspiring ideas at a book club, sharing in the community a love of reading inspires.

This is BookBar's philosophy.

BookBar is a fun, warm, welcoming space for people to discover and socialise around books. Dedicated to celebrating the social side of reading, it's a place to come and hang out, like your favourite wine bar or your kitchen table. It's never about how many books you've read that year or whether you've read the latest prize-winners. At BookBar, books are social.

We bring people together through our events and create community around books, with music, readings, wine tastings and, yes, even 'Books and Bangers', our DJ night in the bookshop. Our prescription programme Shelf Medicate is designed for anyone at all who has the desire to pick up a book and our BookClub welcomes readers from all around the UK to read a book and attend a virtual author event each month.

You can discover all our latest reviews and recommendations from our passionate team of book-loving baristas on the BookList, follow us on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, and subscribe to BookBar's mailing list for all the latest news and tips.

Whether you're an avid or aspiring reader, we hope you have as much joy discovering books through BookBar as we do in sharing them with you.


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