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Shelf Medicate

Stuck in a reading rut? Want to get into the habit of reading but don't know where to start? Or simply want to expand your reading tastes? Come for a one-on-one Shelf Medicate consultation* and receive your tailored list of recommendations, or simply purchase one of our book bundles, put together to help cure any literary ailment. Just what the doctor ordered.

When you choose one of our bespoke ShelfMedicate Prescription Bundles, every bundle is unique, selected individually for every order - the pictures shown are just examples of what sort of books you can expect to receive.

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Choose from one of these bespoke Shelf Medicate prescription bundles

Need a pick-me-up? Pour some gin, grab the tonic, and immerse yourself in BookBar's most escapist prescription of books, guaranteed to put the spring back in your step.

The Gin and Tonic for the Soul Prescription
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The Sophisticated Reader Prescription

Become the toast of your next dinner party, or impress your date with this prescription of modern classics and current trends that you'll be recommending to all your friends.

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We've all nodded along knowingly in that conversation about War and Peace. With this prescription, you'll read all the classics in beautiful hardback editions that will look gorgeous on your bookshelves.

The Baby It's Cold Outside Prescription
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Keen to learn more about the world we live in? This prescription will introduce you to the latest in non-fiction from science, history and current affairs to sociology and psychology.

The Big Thinker
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Be transported to another country or time in history from the comfort of your own home with this prescription of titles that are located all around the world.

The Armchair Traveller Prescription
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The Commute Buster

Grow to love your commute with this gripping prescription of page-turners. With these thrillers, you'll barely register that packed tube carriage and your commute may become your favourite part of the day.

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Or purchase a year-long subscription of books personalised for you by BookBar's experts

Our Prescriptions aren't just for grown ups

Discover our Shelf Medicate service for children

Give a BookBar Gift Voucher

If you can't decide which ShelfMedicate Prescription to give someone you love, buy a BookBar voucher, and let them choose their prescription, book a consultation, or order their own books.

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