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What your favourite cocktail says about your perfect book prescription

At BookBar, we believe that a good book should always be accompanied by a glass of the good stuff, and what better way to discover a whole new collection of favourite reads than with BookBar’s very own bespoke prescription service, Shelf Medicate. Choose from a whole host of book prescriptions, from escapist reads to the best of non-fiction. To help you, choose your favourite tipple below and see which Shelf Medicate Prescription fits.

The Old Fashioned

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You’re a classy devil, aren’t you? You’re committed and you do things properly. So no prescription suits you better than the Literary Fibber's Prescription. You’d never want to be caught out in a lie, so now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and get stuck into the classics - and those gorgeous cloth-bound hardbacks will look very nice alongside your whiskey cocktail.


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Appearances do matter and it’s important to remain classy at all times. So what does a sophisticated person like you read? Trends come and go, but you’ve followed them all. What better way to Shelf Medicate than with BookBar’s Sophisticated Reader Prescription. You’ll discover modern classics and current trends that will keep your finger on the pulse - and show everyone what a sophisticated reader you are.


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Close your eyes, take a sip of your mojito and imagine yourself away to a tropical destination. You like your tipples transportative and your literature too. When you’re on holiday, you’re keen to sample local culture and you like to learn something about the places you’re visiting. 1930s Japan? Present day Nigeria? The Armchair Traveller Prescription is just what the doctor ordered to take you away to distant lands, all through the pages of a good book.


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Salty, sweet, tangy, and sharp, every sip of a margarita is full of plot twists, which makes the Commute Buster your perfect Shelf Medicate prescription. You’re constantly on the go and are always dashing from one social event to the next, so you need a book that is going to keep your heart rate up and your brain hooked as you move from place to place. This collection of the latest thrillers will keep you entertained, just like your margarita.

Gin and Tonic

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Is there any alcoholic concoction more soothing than a gin and tonic? I can’t think of one. So if your tipple of choice is a G&T I suspect you’ll love nothing more than the comfort reads prescribed in BookBar’s G&T for the Soul Shelf Medicate Prescription, guaranteed to put the spring back in your step.

Red Wine

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When it comes to booze, cocktails aren’t your thing. You’d much rather unwind with a warming glass of oaky red wine and a good book. You love knowledge and enjoy submerging yourself in the latest ground-breaking science or immersive history. That’s why BookBar’s Big Thinker Prescription would suit you perfectly.

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