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Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Onyi Nwabineli

Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Onyi Nwabineli

SKU: 9780861546879

A page-turning novel about the dark side of social media, perfect for fans of The List or How to Kill Your Family. Anuri Chinasa has had enough. She was the unwilling star of her stepmother’s social media empire before 'mumfluencers' were even a thing.

For years, Ophelia documented every birthday, every skinned knee, every milestone and meltdown for millions of strangers to fawn over and pick apart. Now twenty-five years old, Anuri is desperate to escape her public past and start living on her own terms. But so far, it’s not going well.

She can barely walk down the street without being recognised, her PhD application is still unfinished and her drinking problem is getting worse. She wants her stepmother out of her life, but Ophelia has made it very clear she won’t let go without a fight. But when Ophelia starts pushing Anuri's five-year-old sister, Noelle, down a similar path, she reaches breaking point.

Anuri won't watch history repeat itself. Allow Me to Introduce Myself is a darkly funny, heartfelt satire about the dangers of social media and the deceptive allure of the picture-perfect existence. 'Nwabineli is one to watch' Red Magazine 

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