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Kyle Theory by Lily O'Farrell

Kyle Theory by Lily O'Farrell


Lily O'Farrell started drawing cartoons as a way of making sense of the everyday sexism she encountered as a young woman, and her Instagram feed @VulgaDrawings has now grown to over 200,000 followers. In her first book of cartoons, Lily addresses the pressing feminist issues of the day, from #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, to the patriarchy and how to deal with trolls, with hilarious and relatable cartoons that even the most unreconstructed can comprehend. Covering topics such as what a realistic romantic comedy would look like, adorable D.I.Y.

projects to make from your relationship red flags, and why the phrase 'blue balls' makes her throw up in her mouth, Kyle Theory perfectly captures the everyday annoyances of womanhood through cathartic and conversation-starting cartoons. Just remember: DON'T FEED THE TROLL!

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