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My Name is Maame by Jessica George

My Name is Maame by Jessica George

SKU: 9781529395617

Maame (ma-meh) has many meanings in Twi, but in my case, it means woman. What to say on a first date?Back pain in your mid-20s normal? Is it bad to cry at work?% of young people who are also carers? Meet Maddie Wright.

She wants to wear a bright yellow suit. She wants to date men who her mother wouldn't like. She wants to stand up to her boss - once and for all.

She wants to know why her father can't tell her he loves her. She wants to stop Googling every life choice she makes. But will the world let her?This is a story of heartbreak, friendship, and breaking the rules - it's a book that will leave you feeling braver than you were when you started.

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