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The Eyes Are The Best Part by Monika Kim

The Eyes Are The Best Part by Monika Kim

SKU: 9781914240867

My Sister, the Serial Killer meets Boy Parts, this literary feminist howl-of-a-debut is going to crawl right under your skin... Ji-won's life is in disarray. Her father's affair has ripped her family to shreds, leaving her to piece their crappy lives back together.

So, when her mother's obnoxious new white boyfriend enters the scene, bragging about his flawed knowledge of Korean culture and ogling Asian waitresses in restaurants, Ji-won's hold over her emotionsstrains. As he gawks at her and her sister around their claustrophobic apartment, Ji-won becomes more and more obsessed with his brilliant blue eyeballs. As her fixation and rage grow, Ji-won decides that she must do the one thing that will save her family...

and also curb her cravings. 'Violent, gruesome and wildly original' - NEW YORK TIMES

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