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The Things We Lost by Jyoti Patel

The Things We Lost by Jyoti Patel

SKU: 9781529186345

*** WINNER OF THE 2021 #MERKY BOOKS NEW WRITERS' PRIZE***Nik has lots of questions about his late father but knows better than to ask his mother, Avani. It's their unspoken rule. When his grandfather dies, Nik has the opportunity to learn about the man he never met.

Armed with a key and new knowledge about his parents' past, Nik sets out to unlock the secrets that his mother has been holding onto his whole life. As the carefully crafted portrait Avani has painted for her son begins to crack, and painful truths emerge, can the two of them find their way back to each other?The Things That We Lost is a beautifully tender exploration of family, loss and the lengths to which we go to protect the ones we love. 'Incredibly moving, this is an immersive novel focusing on grief but also love and relationships.

I fell in love with Avani and Nik, characters so real I could hardly believe they're fictional. Jyoti Patel is a hugely exciting new writer.' Louise Hare

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