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Bad Influence by Oenone Forbat

Bad Influence by Oenone Forbat

SKU: 9781529423891

'I have spent most of my adult life online, so much so that it can be hard to know which parts of me are the 'real' me and which parts I have subconsciously edited, facetuned and perhaps exaggerated, to suit being so hyper-visible'Oenone didn't set out to become an influencer. The word barely existed when she started posting on Instagram at university to document her 'fitness journey' after a toxic relationship came to a messy end. In this humorous meditation on her digitized life, Oenone chronicles the pits and peaks of coming of age online.

Grappling with modern-day issues on a public stage - from body image and personal boundaries to the limitations of online activism, Bad Influence examines what happens when your day-to-day reality becomes #content - and that #content pays your bills. It asks: can you truly be authentic online? Can social media be a force for good? Is it necessarily bad for our mental health?Written with wit, warmth and honesty, this is a candid account of what it really means to be an influencer, from someone still figuring it out: the good, the bad and the instagrammable.

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