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Shelf Medicate for Book Clubs

Starting a book club? Or already go to one regularly? Part of the joy of being part of a book club is discovering new books and trying new things. Now you can invite BookBar's literary expert to your book club for the evening, free of charge. After learning more about your group, your reading habits, and what you most enjoy about your book club, BookBar will handpick your monthly selections and deliver copies for each member of your book club to your door.

Book a consultation for my book club

Thank you for your enquiry. BookBar will be in touch to arrange a consultation.


Chrissy birthed our book club! What a wonderful experience we had coming together while Chrissy created fascinating, thought provoking and enjoyable conversations around her brilliant and varied book recommendations. The books were tailored to us as a group, however we were encouraged to - excitingly - step out of our comfort zones. Chrissy's knowledge and passion for all things literature is inspiring; I can't imagaine anyone has left a conversation with her without wanting to rush home and dive into a book! I can't recommend BookBar enough.

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