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Death of a Bookseller Christmas Edition by Alice Slater

Death of a Bookseller Christmas Edition by Alice Slater

SKU: 9781399731027

A special Christmas editition of the bestselling debut thriller, signed by the author and featuring a luxe foiled cover and exclusive deleted scenes.


Bookshops at Christmas can be magical. But for booksellers, it's murder. But the long hours and festive window displays are the least of Roach's worries this year.

Because the shop has a new bookseller. With her cute literary tote bags and helpful smile, Laura is seemingly perfect in every way. But true crime-obsessed Roach knows Laura is hiding something - something dark.

All Laura wants is for Roach to leave her alone. But as the snow begins to fall and the Christmas party approaches, Roach's morbid curiosity makes her more and more determined to become part of Laura's story. At any cost.

A deliciously dark bestseller that will make your skin crawl and your heart pound this festive season. If you thought bookshops were a safe haven at Christmas - think again.

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