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Double Booked by Lily Lindon

Double Booked by Lily Lindon

SKU: 9781801107587

Gina is about to marry her boyfriend. George is about to join a lesbian pop band. Gina and George are the same person.No wonder Georgina is DOUBLE BOOKED. Georgina has a strict routine:1) teach piano to bored children 2) schedule dates with long-term boyfriend 3) repeat until deadPerfect. But then, one wild night, she auditions for a famous lesbian pop band and realises:1) she longs to play her own music 2) she wants to be just like them 3) their drummer is really hot...Realising she might be bisexual, Georgina - and her schedule - are in chaos. Torn between the safety of her old life, and the freedom of a new one, she does what any rational person would do. She splits herself in two.After all, two lives are twice the fun... right?

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