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Empireworld by Sathnam Sanghera

Empireworld by Sathnam Sanghera

SKU: 9780241600412

Empireland examined imperialism's lasting impact on Britain.
Empireworld traces the legacies of British empire across the globe.

2.6 billion people are inhabitants of former British colonies. The empire's influence upon the quarter of the planet it occupied, and its gravitational influence upon the world outside it, has been profound: from the spread of Christianity by missionaries to nearly 1 in 3 driving on the left side of the road, and even shaping the origins of international law. Yet Britain's idea of its imperial history and the world's experience of it are two very different things.


In Empireworld, award-winning author and journalist, Sathnam Sanghera extends his examination of British imperial legacies beyond Britain. Travelling the globe to trace its international legacies - from Barbados and Mauritius to India and Nigeria and beyond - Sanghera demonstrates just how deeply British imperialism is baked into our world.

And why it's time Britain was finally honest with itself about empire.


'Empireland, [a] scorching polemic on the afterburn of empire' Ferdinand Mount, Financial Times

'This book should be on the compulsory reading list of every secondary school in the country' John Simpson

'A compelling and distressing look at how imperialism has defined modern Britain' David Harewood

'I am sold on the larger part of Sanghera's thesis, that the empire could be rotten and we didn't know enough about it .

. . The history is on Sanghera's side.

The facts speak for themselves' Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph

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