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Is This Ok? by Harriet Gibstone

Is This Ok? by Harriet Gibstone

SKU: 9781035001002

'Persistently funny, ill-advisedly honest and deadly accurate' - Caitlin Moran'This book is a delight - very real and very entertaining' - Bob MortimerMusic journalist, self-professed creep and former winner of the coveted 'Fittest Girl in Year 11' award, Harriet Gibsone lives in fear of her internet searches being leaked. Harriet spent much of her young life feeding neuroses and insecurities with obsessive internet searching (including compulsive googling of exes, prospective partners, and their exes), and indulging in whirlwind 'parasocial relationships' (translation: one-sided affairs with celebrities she has never met). Suddenly, with a diagnosis of early menopause in her late twenties, her relationship with the internet takes a darker turn, as her online addictions are thrown into sharp relief by the corporeal realities of illness and motherhood.

An outrageously funny, raw and painfully honest account of trying to find connection in the age of the internet, Is This Ok? is the launch of an exciting new comic voice. 'Very funny and deeply moving' - Sara Pascoe'Hilarious and brutal! I could not put it down' - Lou Sanders

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